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Bimatoprost Eye Drops - Careprost


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Careprost Bimatoprost

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Bimatoprost Eye Drops is an ophthalmic preparation and available as an eye drop in the market. It is effective in reducing the intraocular pressure in the eyes by increasing the outflow of the aqueous humor from the eyes. It is also responsible for treating slow and abnormal growth of eye lashes.

Uses of Bimatoprost Eye Drops:

• Reducing intraocular hypertension
• In glaucoma
• In hypotrichosis

Mechanism of action:

Bimatoprost is a synthetic prostaglandin analogue. It decreases the intraocular pressure of the eye by inducing the activity of naturally occurring chemical, i.e. prostaglandin. It act by increasing the out flow of the aqueous humor from the eyes and also reduces the level aqueous humor in the eye by reducing the formation of aqueous humor in the eyes. Due to this, it effectively reduces the intraocular hypertension without causing harm to optic nerve. Therefore, effectively reduces the glaucoma in patient.


Some contraindications are:

• Allergic reaction to the Bimatoprost Eye Drops.
• Not be recommended if the patient also using other eye medication.
• If the patient suffered from any eye injury.
• Diseases like renal impairment, hepatic insufficiency or respiratory tract disorder.
• Current surgical procedure for replacing contact lens.

Drug interactions:

A number of drugs can interact with the active ingredient of the dosage form of Bimatoprost, when taken with the additional medication. These interactions can affect the efficiency and usefulness of the dosage form. Such drugs are:

• Infliximab drug
• Herbal drug preparations
• Topical Bimatoprost preparations
• Anticoagulant drugs like Warfarin
• Latanoprost ophthalmic preparations
• Vitamin preparations

Storage conditions for Bimatoprost Eye Drops:

Some useful storage conditions are:

• Stock up the unopened or brand new bottle of Bimatoprost at 4 to 6° C.
• Kept the open dosage form of Bimatoprost below the temperature of 25° C in clean and dry place.

Dose and mode of administration:

It is an effectively used ophthalmic preparation.

For Glaucoma: The effective prescribed dose of Bimatoprost is to be instilled one drop in a day. It effectively works when administered at or after the evening time.

For Hypotrichosis: Bimatoprost Eye Drops form should be applied one time in a day on the eye with the help of brush. It shows satisfactory effects, when applied at night time.


It is advised not to be instilled the medicament more than the one drop in a single day. Don't increase the dosing interval of the dosage form.
Sign and symptoms of overdose are:
• Fainting
• Sensation of sleepiness
• Lethargy

Missed dose of Bimatoprost Eye Drops:

It is advised to the patient that administered the dosage form on their right time. But if the missed or skipped any dose of it, then take it as soon as you remember. Care must be taken that never try to take that dose, if it is the time for next dose.

Side effects:

Some common side effects are:

• loss of vision
• redness in the eyes
• Darkening of eyelids
• Burning sensation, it may be mild or chronic also
• Eye discomfort
• Pigmentation of the iris


Some precautions are:

• If the patient instilling other eye medication, then instilled Careprost-Bimatoprost Eye Drops after the 15 minutes of that medication.
• Avoid instilling the two or more drops in a day.
• Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or grapefruit juice.

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