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Eye Care

Eye is a slightly an irregular globe, about an inch in diameter, which includes iris, the cornea, the pupil, the sclera and the conjunctiva. Eyes are the organs of vision which functions by detecting light and converting it into electro-chemical impulses in neurons. This complex organ helps us to view the whole world and increases the beauty of our face.

Eyes are the most important part of our body; which enable us to perform our daily work. No one can visualize life without eyes. They are like portholes to our soul. It is very vital to take care of our eyes and keep them healthy. There are several issues that can affect our eyes and leads to damaging eye disorders such as itching burning, irritation, glaucoma, redness in the eyes and intra ocular pressure.

To keep eyes healthy and gorgeous we need to follow some preventing measures such as:

  • Wash your eyes with cold water.
  • Remove eye makeup before going to sleep.
  • Use sunglass before going out in hot sun
  • Eat green vegetables and high protein diet
  • Remove eye makeup before going to sleep

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